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The Auvergne

De Auvergne

Domaine La Terrasse is located in the Allier department of Auvergne, also called the heart of France. It borders the Besbre, the small river, which flows through the village of Trézelles, a village of about 400 inhabitants. The village has a bread depot, a mini-supermarket and a bar/restaurant. About 8 km away is the village of Lapalisse with several shops and a beautiful castle.

Nearby area

Just under half an hour's drive away are Vichy and Moulins, both great towns with plenty of shopping and a rich history. Vichy is known for its healing hot springs and Moulins has been known since the 15th century as the town where many artists settled.

Closer to Trézelles is Saint-Pourçain. France's very first vineyards were created here and the village is still proud of it. Despite phylloxera disease, which prevented wine production for a long time, wine is now being grown again. A visit to the wine cellars and a glass of wine tasting are definitely worthwhile. There is a wine museum and a large wine press from the 17th century. There is a large weekly market in the village every Saturday morning.


Nature’s beauty

De Auvergne

Just behind Lapalisse you enter Montagne Bourbonnaise, an overwhelmingly beautiful natural area with hikes of various levels of difficulty.

Here you can visit a beautiful waterfall 'Cascade de la Pisserotte', which you can reach on foot or by mountain bike. Also Châtel-Montagne with its Romanesque church and not to forget "Charroux" with its many atelier shops are definitely worth a visit.

The Allier is known for the eponymous river Allier, one of the few natural rivers in Europe. It is a meandering gravel river some 400 km long with beautiful banks for nature and bird lovers.


De Auvergne

Our immediate surroundings are hilly and therefore very popular for touring by mountain bike or road bike. We have many cycling & hiking routes ready for you. You can also follow beautiful tours via various apps, both on foot and by (electric) bike, mountain bike or road bike. The Besbre valley is beautiful and diverse for true water lovers. Be it fishing, swimming, canoeing or wakeboarding. Just 6 km away, there is a canoe rental shop for some wonderful hours on the water! And a wakeboard centre 15 minutes away. In Trézelles, we have a pebble beach right on the river La Besbre, where it is lovely to linger on warm days.

Many villages in the area organise various Sunday brocantes and cosy weekly markets, where you can taste the authentic French atmosphere. Don't miss the medieval village of Charroux with its many artisan shops, where everyone offers their local products. 

Just 18 minutes from Trézelles is a large amusement park with zoo, 'Le Pal'! The park is 56 ha. large and suitable for young and old! Comparable to the Efteling and then as a bonus a beautifully landscaped zoo and free parking and acceptable entrance fees.


Translated by deepl. 

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